I just wanted to drop you a


note telling you how much


I enjoy the organic celery. 


I snack on celery quite a


bit and yours is the best


I've found. It seems to be


consistently fresh and


sweet, never bitter. I have


been buying it for over a


year now and have never


been disappointed.


Whatever you are doing,


Keep it up!


- Jim L., Arizona

Growing in Arizona

In the winter months – November through March – Pacific moves most of our farming to the Arizona desert. Here the mild weather and arid climate provide the ideal place to grow our vegetables.  We’d like you to meet some of our growers:

Frank and Ray Griffin



Third generation Arizonians, Frank and Ray Griffin of Griffin Ranches have been farming in Arizona for over 40 years. Griffin Ranches was started in 1960 by their father and continues today producing quality produce such as romaine, romaine hearts and leaf lettuce.







Johnson Family



Ted, Jeff and Butch Johnson make up the backbone of L & R Corporation. These three brothers have been providing fresh vegetables, such as leaf lettuce, cauliflower and broccoli, since 1976.









Vic and Kyle Smith



JV Farms was started in 1988 by Vic Smith. Now his son, Kyle, is continuing the family legacy in the produce business. JV Farms grows lettuce, broccoli and other intensively farmed vegetable crops in Southern Arizona.








Rousseau Family




The Rousseau family has roots in the Salt River Valley that date back as far as 1878 and have been putting food on the tables of American families almost as long. Will Rousseau started Rousseau Farming Company in 1979 and provides local markets with carrots, broccoli, leaf lettuce and watermelons – just to name a few.





Pacific has worked in partnership with Griffin Ranches, L & R Corporation, JV Farms and Rousseau Farming Company almost since its inception. Collectively, we have been filling the produce shelves of your local markets with quality, fresh produce for over 150 years.