anise / fennel

Anise / Fennel Growing Regions

anise / fennel growing

How to Choose
When choosing anise / fennel, look for bulbs that are clean, solid and firm. They should be whitish or pale green in color with no brown spots or blemishes. Stalks and ferns should be green in color and have the suble aroma of licorice.

How to Prepare
Wash thoroughly. Both the bulb and the stalks can all be used in cooking. Cut the stalks away from the bulb at the place where they meet. If you are not going to be using the intact bulb in a recipe, then first cut it in half, remove the base, and then rinse it with water before proceeding to cut it further. The best way to slice anise / fennel is to do so vertically through the bulb. If your recipe requires chunked, diced or julienned fennel, it is best to first remove the harder core that resides in the center before cutting it.

Anise / fennel can be used much like celery - chopped or sliced for soups, stir-fries, and cooked vegetable medleys, thinly sliced and served raw in salads, or cut into wedges and cooked alongside pot roasts. The ferns are perfect as an herb seasoning.

How to Store
Wrap in plastic and store anise / fennel in the refrigerator vegetable drawer where it will keep for five to seven days.


Pacific offers anise/fennel both conventionally and organically grown.