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head lettuce

Iceberg Lettuce Growing Regions

head lettuce growing

How to Choose
When selecting iceberg lettuce, be sure that the head is firm and compact, with no signs of wilting, slime, or dark spots on edges. Avoid spongy or misshaped heads.

How to Prepare
To core iceberg lettuce, cut the base out with a sharp knife. Another option is to raise the head of lettuce with both hands then smash the core down on the counter as hard as you can. Give the core a twist, and it will pop right out. After either method, rinse the head under cold water, then use a salad spinner or pat the leaves dry to remove excessive moisture. Tear or cut into bite size peices for a salad, peal whole leaves from head for lettuce wraps or cut into fours for a nice wedge salad.

How to Store
Lettuce tends to keep well in the crisper section of the refrigerator. Wrap first with a dry paper towel and place in plastic storage bag. The lettuce keeps around two weeks.


Pacific offers iceberg lettuce both conventionally and organically grown.