bell peppers

Bell Peppers Growing Region
bell pepper growing regions

How to Choose
The shape of the bell pepper does not affect the quality, so look for peppers that have vivid colors and that are free of soft spots, blemishes and darkened areas. Their skin should be firm without any wrinkles and the stems should be green and fresh looking.  Peppers should be heavy for their size and firm enough so that they will gently yield to slight pressure.

How to Prepare
First, wash peppers under running water, scrubbing well. Dry completely. With a sharp chef’s knife, cut off the top of the pepper just below the shoulder removing the entire stem. Squarely cut off the narrow bottom. Set the pepper on one end and, with the tip of your knife, make a single vertical slice to open the pepper. Set the pepper skin side down and work the knife along the inside of the pepper with the blade parallel to the work surface. Remove the ribs and seeds while unrolling the pepper so it lies flat.

How to Store

Store unwashed bell peppers in a plastic bag in the refrigerator. They will stay fresh for about a week. Green bell peppers will stay fresh a little longer than the yellow and red ones. Sweet peppers can be frozen without first being blanched. It is better to freeze them whole since there will be less exposure to air which can degrade both their nutrient content and flavor.


Pacific offers bell peppers conventionally grown.