Spinach Growing Regions

spinach growing

How to Choose
Look for vibrant deep green leaves that are tender and uniform in color. Choose spinach with stems that show no signs of yellowing. The leaves should not be wilted, bruised, or soft as these are probable signs of decay.

How to Prepare
Wash thoroughly. Before washing, trim off the roots and separate the leaves. Place the spinach leaves in a bowl of water and move them around to knock loose any dirt. Remove the leaves from the water, empty the bowl, refill with clean water and repeat this process until no dirt remains in the water. Spinach is most nutritious when eaten raw. If you are going to use the spinach in a salad, you can dry it in either a salad spinner or by shaking it in a colander. If you are going to cook it, you do not need to worry about drying it well as the remaining water will serve to help it cook. Try to cook it lightly to preserve most of its beneficial spinach nutrition.

How to Store
Store fresh spinach in a plastic bag in the refrigerator crisper where it will keep fresh for three to seven days. Do not wash it before storing.


Pacific offers spinach both conventionally and organically grown.