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what is LGMA?

cdfaThe California Leafy Green Products Handler Marketing Agreement (LGMA) was formed in 2007 by a group of California farmers. They came together to raise the bar on food safety. Members of the LGMA are working collaboratively to protect public health by reducing potential sources of contamination in California-grown leafy greens. As a member of the LGMA, Pacific has made a commitment to only sell produce that is grown in compliance with the strict food safety practices outlined by the LGMA. These food safety practices were developed by university and industry scientists, food safety experts and farmers, shippers and processors.



In September 2007, Arizona adopted the their own standards under the Arizona Leafy Green Products Shipper Marketing Agreement (AZLGMA). This agreement represents an industry wide commitment to food safety. The program is designed to continue consumer confidence in Arizona leafy greens through mandatory food safety standards and audits by government-certified inspectors.



Tom Russell, the President of Pacific International Marketing, sits as an alternate member on the Advisory Board for the California LGMA. This board was appointed by California Department of Food and Agriculture Secretary and consists of 28 seats. He, along with the other members, work together to make recommendations on the operation of the marketing agreement to the California Department of Food and Agriculture. In addition to his work with the LGMA, Tom also sits on the AZLGMA's marketing committee and communications subcommittee.