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produce traceability

What is the Produce Traceability Initiative?

The Produce Traceability Initative (PTI) was created to standardize an electronic traceablity program that will span the supply chain. The PTI is a voluntary, industry-led effort designed to help the effectiveness of track and trace procedures for fresh fruits and vegetables that will be used for consumption- through all stages of production, processing and distribution. To learn more visit the Produce Traceability Initiative website.

Why is Traceability Needed?

Traceability is a way of responding to potential risks that can arise in our produce. It is important that when a possible risk is identified, we can trace it back to its source swiftly to isolate the problem and prevent contaminated products from reaching the customer. It also allows for targeted withdrawls and provides accurate information to the public, therefore minimizing completed disruption to the trade.

Does Pacific Have a Traceability Program?

Yes. All produce grown for Pacific is monitored through an internal data base tracking system that allows us to trace the products ranch origin, the plant that it was processed through and how it got to its final destination. The purpose of this program is to be able to recall all products from our customer that may be or have been identified as hazardous to the health of individuals. With this in place we are able to remove or correct from the chain of distribution said product and prevent consumption of any product deemed to be potentially defective.

At every stage, from the primary production of the product to its final sale to our customer, several key Pacific employees have clearly defined roles and responsibilities as part of a recall team. The team members are responsible for knowing and understanding the contents of our traceability and recall program, the products and production process, the coding system and where to find this information. The recall process is practiced periodically in a mock recall.