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Pacific's program

Food safety has always been one of our primary concerns here at Pacific International Marketing. Our dedication to providing the best and safest produce possible can be found in every aspect of our operations. It starts in the field; Our farmers are in the field daily to ensure our crops are harvested at the peak of perfection and are handled and packed properly. We then utilize our own advanced cooling equipment and loading techniques to ensure the integrity of the produce.

harvesting Growing and HarvestingHere at Pacific, we understanding that the environment in which the plant grows is not easy to control. We have implement the following procedures to control those elements we can. Following the standards of the Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement, before we plant, all ranch well water is tested for generic E. coli and E. coli O157:H7. All ranch surface water is tested for generic E. coli, E. coli O157:H7 and salmonella before planting. Environmental conditions and employee hygiene is inspected before planting as well as monitored during production. All field employees are trained in Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) to ensure proper procedures are followed for optimum cleanliness. Our ranches are regularly audited by while in production to verify compliance with food safety agenda.


Processing Plants We process several commodities in both our Gonzales, CA or Yuma, AZ plant. Commodities such as spring mix salad and baby spinach are cleaned, sorted and packaged. There are special guidelines and procedures that are followed to ensure food safety;. Both processing plants are cleaned and sanitized daily, all employees are completely trained in Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to reduce and eliminate microbial, chemical and physical hazards, and tests the equipment and environment for bacteria to verify our sanitation program twice a month.


Third Party InspectionsPrimusGFS PrimusGFS In addition to our internal rules and regulations regarding food safety, there are third party inspectors that routinely check our standing. audits our land and growing practices in the first half of each growing season and audits each harvest crew randomlyCCOF CCOF unannounced. Our Pure Pacific Organics processing facility in Gonzales, California is now PrimusGFS certified. PrimusGFS is focused on agricultural food safety. It is aprivate system that establishes requirements for managing the production, handling, processing andstoringoperations, which should be considered to ensure consumers’ safety. Click here to view our certification. As well, all ranches and facilities engaged in processing, cooling or storing of our organic produce are annually inspected and certified by California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF).

All our produce is monitored through an internal data base tracking system that allows us to trace the products ranch origin, the plant that it was processed through and how it got to its final destination. We understand this is an evolving process and are dedicated to consistently reviewing and improving our procedures to ensure we are doing all we can do in food safety.